The Quincy 2m repeater is a Kenwood NXR710 feeding a Henry Radio C130AB30R amplifier. Output power is about 70W. The 1.25 cm machine is a Spectra Engineering MX800 with an output power of 50W. Both repeaters are controlled by an SCOM 7330.

In the photo, the Henry amp is on the top, followed by the Kenwood, then the Spectra. The 7330 is below the RF equipment. The Meanwell switching power supply is on the bottom, next to a Tripp line conditioner. The link radio is mounted sideways on the right side of the cabinet, below the 7330.
The repeater is located in a small closet. The duplexers and internet equipment are located behind the main rack.
A better view of the area behind the main rack. 222 MHz duplexers are on the upper shelf. 146 MHz duplexers are on the floor under the shelf. The internet equipment is located on the right side of the shelf.
All MMRA repeaters are controlled via internet connections. The Raspberry Pi is the black box near the front. In the back right, you can see the Cradlepoint router. The router is connected to a Netgear LB1121 Mi-fi device which is located near the antenna, 30 feet up. The Netgear is powered by a POE device which is in the photo to the right of the Raspberry Pi. The outlet box in the center is controllable by the SCOM 7330. If the Pi, Cradlepoint or Netgear get hung up, power can be cycled by tone commands on the repeater.
The Quincy repeater utilizes a DB224 dipole array antenna, located at the top of the tower. MMRA's 224.400 is side mounted on the upper half of the tower. The UHF link antenna is not visible but is located on the roof.
The Quincy repeater first went on the air from Quincy city hospital in the 1970's. In 1982, the Quincy repeater was relocated to Forbes Hill. The granite structure you see in the photo was built in 1902. It surrounds a steel standpipe which at one time was part of the Quincy city water supply. When built, the structure featured an observation deck at the top which was open to the public. The standpipe was decommissioned in the 1950s and replaced with a reservoir in the Blue Hills.
This is the previous version of the repeater after a rebuild in 2016. This configuration existed from 2016 through 2022. The Mastr-II 224.400 repeater is located at the top of the rack with the Mirage power amp located above the Mastr-II. The SCOM 7330 controller is in the center, with the Mastr-II 146.67 repeater below it. At the bottom, an Astron SRM-50M power supply provides 13.8VDC for the entire system.
The lightning protection devices and duplexers for both repeaters are located behing the main rack

These photos show the repeaters prior to the 2016 rebuild. Previously, the 222 machine was sitting on a shelf behind the 2m cabinet.

Some fantastic shots from up top !
Boston Skyline
Expressway looking South

Pictures from the Quincy April 29, 2007 work party can be seen here.

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