In 2008, MMRA moved its Stoneham repeaters to the Lahey hospital in Burlington. Four antennas were installed. Left to right we had the 446.775 vertical with corner reflector link antenna below it. The 6m/2m/440 and 2m/222/440 tribanders for the hospital's EOC, and 146.715's DB224. In 2016, the leftmost and rightmost antennas were moved to North Reading, but the tribanders were left in Burlington.

At the end 2019, MMRA installed the 224.88 repeater which was formerly at Marlborough West in Burlington. Currently, it utilizes the 2m/222/440 tribander as the main 222 antenna, and the other tribander for the link.

The repeater consists of a VHF Engineering TX-220B transmitter, Kendecom MR-4 receiver and SCOM 7330 repeater controller. Like all other MMRA repeaters, can be controlled over the internet via a Raspberry Pi Interface, visible in the lower left corner of the cabinet.

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