The 145.43 antenna shares a tower with several other antennas, most of which are inactive.
The only other live transmitter at the Belmont site is a 222 repeater owned by another party.

The latest version of the Belmont repeater was built by Bob, K1IW in August, 2019. Is was installed in September 2019.

Most of the components of the earlier version were re-racked in a Mastr II cabinet. A fully functional link radio was added, as well as a Cat CL-100 linking interface provided by the Broadcast Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS). The ARCOM RC210 controller was replaced with an SCOM product.

The repeater is shown on the right. At the top of the unit is the 200W VoCom power amp. Below it is the SCOM 7330 repeater controller. Below and to the left are two Motorola M120 transceivers, which serve as (from top to bottom) the 145.43 exciter and 144.83 receiver. To the right you see the CL100 interface and Motorol GM300 which serves as the link radio. The whole assembly is powered by an Astron SS-50M power supply at the bottom of the rack.

145.43 is full-time linked to the DARI network, which has linked repeaters in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC metro areas, Connecticut, Orlando Florida, and Los Angeles and San Francisco California. More info on the BEARS network can be found here.

The Belmont repeater was originally built and operated by WA1TFJ & WA1RTT in the 1980's. This equipment ran for over twenty years, but began to falter in the early 2000's. In 2004, the Crocker Public Service Group took over maintenance of the equipment and later that year replaced the Vertex-Standard repeater with Motorola transceivers and an Arcom controller. In the photo to the left, you can see the older Vertex repeater which is no longer functional. The Motorola equipment, controlled by an Arcom RC-210 sits on top of it. The 200W Vocom paging amplifier (located below the Vertex repeater) is still running strong.
CPSG dissolved on November 27, 2007 and became part of MMRA. MMRA continued to operate this repeater standalone with the original trustee's callsign WA1RTT until Larry's passing in May 2012. At that time, the coordination was transferred to the club callsign W1MRA. In September 2013, MMRA purchased the Vocom amplifier, duplexers, preselectors, and repeater cabinet from Larry's estate. MMRA now owns the entire repeater with the exception of the feedline, tower, and antenna.

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