Public Service Information

Requesting use of MMRA repeaters for your public service event

Minuteman Repeater Association systems are available to support Public Service activities. To request or coordinate use, please contact Bruce, our public service coordinator: . Details needed include the date and time of use; group being suppported; repeaters needed and linking configuration; contact name and telephone number of your representative during the event. Requests should be sent at least 15 days before an event, so club officers can be informed and members notified of expected use. Repeaters can be set up either as stand alone or linked into a special configuration. This announcement will appear on the MMRA home page.

If you are looking for volunteers for your event, send a message with details to . It will be sent to those MMRA members who have indicated an interest in public service.

  • Public Service Events in the Essex County and Boston areas

  • Net Control Operator's Guide for Public Service Events (PDF) by Bruce, KC1US

  • Ham Operators vs. the Weather (PDF) by Gary, N1ZCE

  • Hints for Operating at Public Service Events (PDF) by Bruce, KC1US

  • Equipment Checklist for Public Service Events (PDF)

  • FAQ: How long will my battery last? (PDF)