The Quincy repeater utilizes a DB224 dipole array antenna, located at the top of the tower.
MMRA's 224.400 is side mounted on the upper half of the tower.
Below this, a non-commercial FM broadcast station is side-mounted on the lower half of MMRA's tower.

  • 146.67 is a GE Mastr II in a "low boy" cabinet.
  • 224.40 is a modified GE Mastr II mobile transceiver.

    The Quincy site is VERY cramped, requiring the smaller form factor. This first photo shows the 2m machine in its cabinet, and the cabinet in the MMRA closet. The 222 machine is located on a shelf behind this cabinet. Look at how much room we have to squeeze between the cabinet and the wall to get to the 222 repeater.

    In the photo, the power supply is at the bottom. The transceiver is next up. Above this is the SCOM 7K controller which controls both repeaters. There is a breakout box for the controller above that. Finally at the top is a meter to monitor the output power and the Uniden link radio.

  • This second photo shows the rather informal 222 repeater. The original Quincy 222 repeater was a Hamtronics system. This was in service from the early 1980's until 2009 when the system became unreliable. The repeater was off the air until December 28, 2011 when the newer Mastr II system was installed by Bryan, W1BRI and Roger, WA1NVC.

    The GE transceiver is on the right, the Mirage power amp is in the center, and the duplexers are on the right. Below you can see the top of the 2m repeater's duplexer cabinet. You can also see the lightning protection on the far left.

    Some fantastic shots from up top !

    Boston Skyline
    Expressway looking South

    Pictures from the Quincy April 29, 2007 work party can be seen here.

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