223.94 & 449.575

MMRA maintains two sites in Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Tower
K1IW Photo

The 223.94 repeater
, K1KWP/R, is located on a 300' tower. Andy Morrison, N1BHI (SK), secured an arrangement with the tower owner. The repeater has a large coverage area, with a range that extends down to Providence, RI.

The original repeater consisted of a 250mW Motorola Micor Exciter. This went through a 6dB pad to an intermediate power amp (IPA), which boosted power to 17W. At this input level, the 100W RF Concepts final amplifier, puts out 50 Watts. The receiver was made by Hamtronics. An Aerotron transceiver served as the link radio. An SCOM 5K controller tied everything together.

K1RJZ Photo
The 449.575 repeater
, W1BRI/R, is located on a 100' tower on Honey Hill. Club member K1RJZ graciously provides this site to MMRA. '575 is a Yaesu system fusion repeater. The repeater is always in "auto mode select", with the repeater transmitter following the mode of the incoming signal. Analog signals may also be linked to HUB1 or HUB2. Digital signals get repeated locally only.
223.940 Tower & Antennas
On the tower, you can see the link antenna at the bottom of the third white section down from the top, and the 220 antenna near the top of the third red section from the top. The 220 radiator is at about 150 feet. Ground level is about 500 feet amsl, so that puts the antenna at about 600 feet.
223.94 Configuration ("Hopkinton 2.1")
On July 1, 2011, the Hopkinton 5K controller was replaced with a 7K. This is the last MMRA 5K controller to be upgraded. With this updated, both MMRA hubs run on SCOM 7330 controllers, and all other repeaters run on SCOM 7K controllers. A new link radio was also installed, giving 223.94 the ability to link to HUB1 or HUB2.
449.575 Configuration
The Hopkinton '575 machine is a Yaesu DR1X. It runs in standard analog FM or digital YSF mode depending upon the type of input signal. In analog mode, it goes through an SCOM 7K and can link to either HUB1 or HUB2, just like any other MMRA repeater. In digital mode, it runs in local mode only.
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