118th Boston Marathon - Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Amateur Radio Communications is coordinated by the Minuteman Repeater Association, with assistance from :
  • The Framingham Amateur Radio Association
  • The Mohawk Amateur Radio Club
  • The Montachusett Amateur Radio Association.
    These clubs work together to provide radio communications in support of the Marathon from Hopkinton to Boston.

  • Additionally, The Boston Amateur Radio Club coordinates the amateur activities for the 5K and invitational races prior to the main marathon.

      *** Volunteer Registration for 2014 is now closed ***

  • Download the Boston Marathon Operator's Guide
    by Tim Carter, W3ATB

    Questions? Please contact the appropriate individual:

    Radio TeamContact
    Saturday 5K & invitational races
    Start Line/Hopkinton
    Route/First Aid & Water Stations
    Finish Line/Boston
    Website Issues
    General Questions
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